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Noteworthy office etiquette: Say more than thanks

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

If your boss is typical, he’s looking for ways to tell the team “thanks.” Appreciation is one of the few, affordable ways to retain and motivate. Help him put sentiments down on paper with these tips:

1. Use a handwritten personal note,
whenever possible.

2. Avoid templates and make each letter a unique expression of what the boss appreciates, specifically.

3. Craft the right message
with these effective “building block” phrases from How to Write It, by Sandra E. Lamb:

  • Must express my appreciation
  • So grateful for your contribution
  • Unequaled in effort
  • Done with such expertise
  • An exemplary performance
  • Offer my sincere appreciation
  • I was so impressed by
  • Your performance is noteworthy
  • Set an outstanding example for
  • Demonstrate such dedication

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