No bucks for new benefits? Consider these freebies

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You might not be able to pay for additional benefits during a recession, but some organizations are finding ways to plump their menu of perks at no cost. Here are some practical, easy-to-implement ideas for you to try:

  • Arrange for group discounts on computers, scanners and cell phones. Allow employees to pay for them through payroll deductions.
  • Set up a couch or a comfy recliner in a quiet room with no telephones or computers. Invite employees to lounge there when they’re feeling stressed or tired or need to think creatively.
  • Arrange Saturday volunteer days for employees as a group to give back to the community. It won’t cost the organization anything, and it promotes good will for the company among employees and the public.
  • Accept employees’ postage-paid packages in the company mailroom, especially during the December holidays.
  • Match new parents with experienced moms and dads who can serve as mentors. The practice promotes friendships among staff and helps new parents manage stress.
  • Form a book discussion club. You can probably even spring for the books without busting the budget.
  • Invite employees to bring newspapers from home to recycle at work, and promote it as a new benefit.

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