Set policies, establish clear process for employees to report sexual harassment

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It’s been many years since a big sexual harassment case hit the Supreme Court. That’s no reason for employers to rest easy.

Regularly review your sexual harassment policy to make sure it’s doing what it should do. That is, make sure that employees who want to report suspected sexual harassment have a clear and easy way to do so.

Don’t forget to train new managers and supervisors on how to handle complaints, especially those who have recently been promoted from lower-ranking positions. Warn them against trying to casually or informally resolve complaints. Instead, make it clear they should give the employee a copy of the sexual harassment policy and report the problem to an appropriate manager or HR.

Recent case:
Janice Blackmon went to work for Wal-Mart after she left her job at Burger King. When she had worked at the restaurant, she claimed her supervisor had sexually harassed her.

Much to Blackmon’s dismay, t...(register to read more)

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