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Can we deduct partial days off from salaried employees’ accrued leave?

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in FMLA Guidelines,Human Resources

Q. If a company tracks employees’ vacation, sick and personal time off, can we make deductions from accumulated time for everyone who takes time off, including salaried employees? I’m talking about deducting it from the accrual, not the pay. I’ve heard that I can’t deduct vacation, sick leave or personal time if the salaried employee worked at least four hours during that day.

As long as the exempt employee receives his or her full salary, it is not a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act to dock vacation, holiday and sick leave for partial-day absences. Once the exempt employee exhausts the accumulated leave time, however, you may not dock salary for partial-day absences.

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Konny Pond January 8, 2014 at 9:57 pm

if salaried employee is putting in a far higher number of hours in a week than 40 – are they required to make up time if they need a day off. are they required to make up time if they take a vacation? I thought the whole deal behind salary was you work when needed as long as you’re needed -i.e you have people out sick. So I’m trying to figure out why if a day is needed when they is plenty of staff on hand, why would time need to be made up. Especially since I’ve put in over 40 hrs most weeks of the year


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