Win maximum support for your proposals

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Sell higher-ups on your brilliant ideas and you’ll join them in the senior ranks soon enough. How? Ensure your proposals address your bosses’ three top needs: security, predictability and payoff:

1. Security. Bigwigs want assurance that they’re not risking their necks by approving your budget request or giving you carte blanche to implement a “risky scheme.” Give them peace of mind by showing that no matter what the outcome, their position is secure.

2. Predictability. Cite precedent to prove you’re not just dreaming up a rosy scenario. The more you can convince bosses that there’s a high probability of your proposal’s success, the more likely they’ll endorse it.

3. Payoff. Quantify the benefits of your idea. Avoid vague promises such as, “We’ll get a great return on investment.” Instead, cite hard numbers (“I project a 15 percent ROI within three months.”)

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