Reject promotion at your own risk

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Q I declined a promotion to a newly created HR position. It wasn’t a good fit for me. Since the hiring of the HR person, I get a sense my work no longer is valued. We’re in the midst of an acquisition, and I have not been included in any of the planning meetings. It seems turning down the promotion has changed management’s view of me. What should I do?

A It’s possible that turning down the promotion hurt management’s opinion of you. When you reject a promotion, it raises red flags. You may cause management to look askance at you from here on in. After all, you’ve suddenly attached a stigma to yourself as someone who rejected what management probably viewed as a sensible, even enlightened promotion. You’ve also possibly jeopardized their perception of you as a team player.

Request a meeting to clear the air. During the acquisition, ask to be included in meetings. Participate in the process and remind management of your value and insights.

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