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Before negotiating, do a pay check

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in Hiring,HR Management,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

You wouldn't haggle over the price of a used car without first referencing the Kelley Blue Book. And you wouldn’t want to talk to your boss about pay without first knowing what other people with similar responsibilities earn.

That’s where reference sites offering salary information come in. Each can give you an idea of where to start the negotiations, with confidence. (Of course, when negotiating, consider the size of your company and any nonmonetary perks you receive). Here’s where to start your research before asking for that raise:

1. Salary.com obtains its information from human resource departments and then provides data to job boards at HotJobs.com and Monster.com, among others. Cost for a more detailed report: $30 to $100.

2. PayScale.com gathers information directly from the people who search for data. If you want salary information, you must take six minutes to fill in a questionnaire. You supply answers about your background, job duties, employer and salary. It tells you what others with similar jobs make. Cost for more detailed analysis: $20.

3. Payscroll.com uses a new method of trolling job listings for salary information.

Tip: Yet another resource is the free Salary Guide from OfficeTeam, which reveals projected starting salary ranges for more than 40 administrative positions, plus current hiring trends. Visit www.officeteam.com.


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