Flush out the fears that hold you back

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  • A young executive allows herself to be passed over for a promotion. She’s afraid of the added accountability a promotion would bring.

  • A real estate agent doesn’t return a recruiting call from a more successful real estate office in a neighboring town. If he took a job there, he might have to drastically alter his work habits.

  • A novelist suffers writer’s block after publishing a successful book. She fears that she can’t duplicate her first book’s success.

  • A district attorney dreads winning a high-profile case. He doesn’t want the public attention that he knows the case will draw.
Leaders identify the fears that stall them. (“I am afraid of the promotion because it will bring added accountability.”)

Then, they beat their fears. (“Added accountability means only that I’ll have to work harder, but I’m not afraid to work hard.”)

Chase your fears out into the open and pick them off, one by one.

— Adapted from Fight Your Fear and Win, Don Greene, Broadway Books.

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