Climb fast without too much flash

How to step over people without them noticing

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When you claw your way ahead, you’ve got to act like you’re above it all. You can’t let on that you care what your co-workers say about you or do to you. Radiate a low-key intensity so that people underestimate you rather than root for you to fall on your face.

How do you run a stealth campaign to become CEO? I have three rules: Never volunteer your failings; always follow through quietly; and use others’ ignorance to your advantage.

Kick yourself in private

You make self-deprecating comments to colleagues. You assume modesty will soften your hard edges and disguise your ambition. It won’t.

Bragging is a mistake, too. The best strategy is to produce superior work, period. Don’t characterize it. There’s no need to give color commentary on what a great or lousy job you’re doing every day.

If you realize you’ve got a weakness that holds you back, never volunteer it. If your boss mentions it in a performance review, acknowledge ...(register to read more)

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