1. Grants for outdoor journeys. Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) offers grants of up to $300 worth of REI gear to employees embarking on athletic challenges or volunteer projects. Employees return with a sense of pride in themselves and their employer.
2. Cash prize for perfect attendance.
To lure more than 1,000 seasonal workers to Amazon.com distribution centers during the holidays, a Chicago-based management firm offered cash prizes to 100 employees who had perfect attendance—and one of those lucky employees won a $100,000 cash prize.
 3. Allowing employees to help determine benefits.
Every three years, Whole Foods puts its benefits plan up for a vote, allowing employees to decide where the company should spend its benefit dollars.
4. Paid-volunteer time.
Nearly one-quarter of National Instruments employees have been granted paid time-off for volunteer work.
5. Candy bars and $100 bills.
Employee turnover has dipped 6% since San Joaquin Gardens, a California retirement community, began handing out candy bars and $100 bills to reward employees for exceptional service, good attendance, accident-free performance and wellness-program participation.

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