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How political is your workplace? More than 350 people surveyed by the Center for Creative Leadership said politics is alive and well in their offices.

A few of the poll responses:

How political do you consider your organization?

To a great or very great extent: 70%

To what extent does your organization consider politics as a skill to be developed?

Not at all or to a little extent: 48%

Have employees in your organization been demoted, fired or passed over for promotion because they lacked political skill?

Yes: 66%

Over the last three years, has office politics had a negative effect on your career?

Yes: 44%

Workplace coach Marie McIntyre, author of Secrets to Winning at Office Politics, agrees that office politics is a fact of work. “Avoiding politics is like avoiding air,” she says.

Her recommendation for admins? “As a group, admins put a lot of energy into managing their relationship with the boss, but not as much energy into managing relationships with colleagues.” So put a little extra focus on those peer-to-peer relationships.

Check out McIntyre’s web site,, where she spotlights a new workplace topic each week.

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