Job interviewing skills: What’s hot?

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No one ever wants to hear about a downsizing or a reorganization. If it happens to you, though, would you be prepared to step into the job market?

Ask yourself:
How are you working now? What are you learning? How are you growing? Where are you stumbling? Thoughts about your work today could come in handy down the road.

A sampling of questions being asked by HR folks lately:

How do you handle lit when you're given several tasks with the same deadline?

Why would they ask that? To glimpse at your conscientiousness, coping and organization skills.

Tell us about a time you failed at a task.

Why would they ask that? To see how you respond to adversity.

How have you handled the last few angry customers you’ve come across?

Why would they ask that? To measure your client-service skills.

What was the most frustrating experience in your past job? The most satisfying?

Why would they ask that? To gauge your general temperament.

How do you tackle a task when you’re asked for last-minute changes?

Why would they ask that? To screen for flexibility and adaptability.

Have you ever had to disagree with the boss, and how did you handle it?

Why would they ask that? To find out how well you communicate.

Tell us about a split-second decision you’ve made on the job.

Why would they ask that?
To gain insight into how decisive you are.

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