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Supercharge your PC: 4 tricks

by on
in Admins,Office Management

Even the fastest computer could profit from a few tricks that make everyday tasks easier or faster. Here are four free tools ideally suited to admins:

1. Capture images of web pages and share them via e-mail with “Send Page By E-Mail.” With this Firefox add-on, instead of sending your manager a link to a web page, you can share a screen shot. That way, he or she can glance at your e-mail to see the web info without ever clicking through. And it won’t matter if the content on the page refreshes. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/ firefox/addon/2343.

2. Drag and drop files into a virtual tube to deliver docs to the boss instantly. “Tubes” is a free download that creates secure peer-to-peer connections (or “tubes”) between your machine and your colleagues’. It gives you a way to deliver and receive large files without overloading e-mail or dropping files into an intranet storage folder. www.tubesnow.com.

3. Find out in an instant whether you’ve used a word correctly. Install the Merriam-Webster toolbar, one of the most underrated on the web, to look up any word or phrase on the spot. www.m-w.com.

4. Speed up online research by installing the Dogpile toolbar. It queries all the major search engines—Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask—at the same time and delivers top results. www.dogpile.com.

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