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Up, down, all around: Navigating in Excel

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Have you discovered all the shortcuts buried within Excel?

Try zipping around Excel spreadsheets using these keyboard techniques:

Microsoft Excel: Time-Savers for Every Skill Level
  • “Home” changes the “active cell” to the cell in column A of the current row.
  • “Ctrl”+“Home” makes cell A1 the active cell.
  • “Ctrl”+“End” changes the active cell to the cell farthest down and to the right of all the cells.
  • The right, left, up and down arrow keys advance your work sheet and your active cell one cell at a time.
Excel is supposed to be a time-saving program, but it’s hard to see how if you don’t know the tricks. Retyping data over and over again... fixing small mistakes... and trying to keep work sheets straight drain your productivity. But there are ways you can do your job faster and skip all these time-eaters. Learn how with this colorful, easy-to-use guide!
  • “Page Up” and “Page Down” advance the work sheet and the active cell up and down, respectively, one screen at a time.
  • “Alt”+“Page Up” and “Alt”+ “Page Down” advance the work sheet and the active cell left and right, respectively, one screen at a time.
  • “Ctrl”+“Page Up” and “Ctrl”+ “Page Down” change the view to the next sheet and previous sheet, respectively.
  • “Ctrl”+arrow key (or “End” key followed by an arrow key) moves the cellpointer in the direction of the arrow pressed. The cellpointer goes to the first occupied cell if you start from a blank cell, or it goes to the last occupied cell if you start in an area where the cells are occupied.
Microsoft® Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel has edited the transcript of her presentation, and added screen shots and other helpful content to give you your own version of her webinar. Her 25+ years of IT experience and background in training and technical writing will move you beyond merely typing data into cells.

With Microsoft Excel: Time-Savers for Every Skill Level, you’ll learn:
Excel book cover
  • How the Autofill, Autocorrect and Custom Lists functions can save you time
  • The many uses of macros
  • How to import data into Excel
  • How templates will give you success every time
  • Ways to dissect and troubleshoot formulas to understand what’s really going on
  • VLookUp – an Excel guru’s secret weapon

—Adapted from "Excel Tip: Moving Around the Worksheet," www.accountingweb.com

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