Format type faster with these shortcuts

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Speed text changes with the following keyboard shortcuts after you highlight the text.

Increase font size: Control, Shift, >.

Decrease font size: Control, Shift, <.

Note: Both commands above change the font size by one increment along the scale in the drop-down menu. To change the font only one point size, hit Control, ] to increase it and Control, [ to decrease it.

Change case: Shift, F3 changes the selected text to lowercase, sentence case or uppercase. To change only to uppercase, hit Control, Shift, A.

Underline words, but not spaces: Control, Shift, W.

Double-underline text (including spaces): Control, Shift, D.

Indent a paragraph from the left (half an inch each time): Control, M.

Create a hanging indent: Control, T.

Return to your last revision place: Shift, F5.

Repeat an action: Control, Y.

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