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P.S. Postscript

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in Employment Law,Hiring,Human Resources

Turn up the thermostat if your productivity lags in the winter. When the temperature drops, people type slower and make more errors, a Cornell University ergonomics professor says. The extra money your employer spends on heating may be offset by increased productivity.

Soft-sell your idea. If you think your manager will resist an idea that comes from you, present only the information he or she needs to reach the same conclusion: the pros and cons, including the costs and potential benefits.

— Adapted from "Theory into reality," Linda Parham, Birmingham Business Journal.

Check per-diem rates. If your organization reimburses employees for travel costs based on government-approved per-diem rates, visit www.gsa.gov/perdiems to check the allowable rates. You can follow links on that site to listings of hotels that always offer government rates at or below the federal per-diem rate.

Help your fearless leader go all out to inspire the troops by setting the stage. A Texas-based relocation company transforms the conference room to fit the theme of the president's annual presentation ... which he delivers in costume.

— Adapted from "Exec plays dress-up for success," Cheryl Hall, The Dallas Morning News.

Uncle Sam may want you. Among the usual office-supply and other vendor exhibits at a recent admin conference in Las Vegas, the Central Intelligence Agency set up a recruiting booth. Find out more at www.cia.gov.

Free advice to combat drug abuse. If your employer is serious about maintaining a drug-free workplace, check out a new OSHA Web page designed to help: www.osha. gov/SLTC/substanceabuse. The site in-cludes links to organizations that can help employees with drug or alcohol problems.

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