Feel free to expand candidate search even if your policy favors hiring from within

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If, like many companies, you have a policy that encourages promotion from within, you may hesitate to look outside for additional candidates. Fear of a lawsuit might make you especially reluctant if one of the few internal candidates belongs to a protected class.

As the following case shows, those fears are unfounded.

Recent case: Delana Veres worked as an engineer for TK Holdings, a male-dominated firm. The company extensively promoted from within and had a policy encouraging such promotions.

Veres applied for an opening, but the company also interviewed outside candidates. When she wasn’t picked, she sued for sex discrimination. She argued that going outside despite the internal promotion policy was evidence of discrimination.

The court tossed out her case. It reasoned that looking for outside candidates was reasonable—and that Veres wasn’t clearly better qualified than the external applicant who was selected. (Veres v. TK Holdings, No. 07-12001, ED MI, 2008)

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