Make common sense the driving force of your business

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Avoidable hiring and firing mistakes cost the average employer hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. In Louisiana, like other states, the lawsuits that can result from those mistakes erode the bottom line. They cause a domino effect that costs employers valuable time, energy and money. They lower employee morale.

Whether your company is in its infancy or a trailblazer, a little common sense can help prevent lawsuits from invading your workplace and harming it.

1. Hire who you consider, consider who you hire

Hiring a warm body to get the job done—instead of someone who can really do the job—will almost always be catastrophic. To avoid impending disaster, follow these key rules:

  • Do not rush through the application process
  • Always follow up on references
  • Question inconsistencies
  • Do not gloss over a lack of qualifications.

Listen to your instincts. If you sense a problem, chances are good that th...(register to read more)

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