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Banish these 10 ‘bizwords’

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Steer clear of flabby, businessy words with little meaning. Here are a bunch:

  • Monetize. Usually said when there’s no money.
  • Seamless. More wishful thinking.
  • Solution. “This software solution is poised to disrupt the industry.” No, it’s not.
  • Synergy. Usually said when mergers produce not synergies, but redundancies.
  • Leverage. You may think this refers to some method of applying torque. In fact, it means going into hock.
  • Ecosystem. Tech marketers have corrupted it to mean compatible software within an operating system.
  • Ask (noun). A salesman’s glib term for an offer.
  • Learnings (plural noun). This might be a particularly ugly word for knowledge.
  • Productize. An even uglier word that apparently refers to a manufacturing process. A product of ignorance.
  • Takeaway (noun). Used to de­­scribe an insight, it’s better used as a verb to take away heinous words from your vocabulary.

— Adapted from “10 Boneheaded Business Words to Avoid,” Scott Martin, LinkedIn.

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