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Employee perks that won’t break the bank and won’t affect compensation calculations

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in Employee Benefits Program,Human Resources

Q. We are entering our busy season. Although our budget is tight, we’d like to reward those employees who go above and beyond with some sort of additional “perk.” Can you recommend some low-cost ways to reward exceptional performance?

A. Public recognition of a job well done is one of the most rewarding things an employee can receive, and it costs the employer nothing. It is a frequently overlooked method of rewarding exemplary performance.

Why not develop a “Job Well Done” certificate to award deserving employees during regularly scheduled meetings? You also can post them on a company bulletin board or in the company newsletter.

You can also give coffee gift certificates, perhaps, or a modest gift card as a low-cost way of showing your appreciation.

Be careful when giving gifts of monetary value, however: Unless they are truly “discretionary,” their value may need to be included when calculating the employee’s regular rate of pay for purposes of calculating overtime compensation.

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