In Their Own Words: 12 Key Quotes From This Week’s SHRM Conference

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So you weren't able to make it to the big Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference in Orlando this week? No problem. We trucked the HR Soapbox south and brought back a big bag of HR wisdom, all arranged in a dozen tweet-sized quotable quotes. Find more coverage of the SHRM conference in the upcoming issue of The HR Specialist:


Changes to overtime exemption rules (expected to be proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor this fall and finalized next fall): “Every industry is going to be affected, but restaurants, retail and hospitality are really going to have a hard time adjusting … Don’t plan on taking on any big projects for the end of 2015,” as you’ll need to be looking at each job to decide if it’s exempt or not under these new regulations.  - Tammy McCutchen, attorney, Littler Mendelson

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The inactive Congress. “With Congress in session only 14 more days until the election, all t...(register to read more)

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