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Admin Pro Week survey results are in

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The results are in from this year’s Admin Pro Week survey, and it’s clear a lot of admins have been rocking it over the past year. The survey asked administrative professionals about team-building and peer support in the workplace—as well as who would win an “Office Olympics,” the admins or the executive team?

Here are some of the best responses:

Describe the most awesome moment you’ve experienced in­­volv­­ing admins helping other admins.

“We planned and executed a re­­cep­­tion for admins at other businesses throughout the city. The businesses we work for each sponsored the event with cash and physical donations. We used the contact list from our Chamber of Commerce for our invitations and we solicited donations from businesses for some great door prizes. We had a won­­derful speaker, great food and drink. It was a huge success. And we worked together like a well-oiled machine. It’s amazing how much can happen when the ultimate go-to people are doing the work.”

What makes you the favorite to an Office Olympics win instead of the executive team?

“Our admin team would win because we would map out the victory far in advance using the nuts-and-bolts knowledge our bosses don’t quite have. We would use Excel to analyze the tendencies of the competition, use our Outlook and SharePoint expertise to get the right people together every day to review our plan, and access information about past winners through working the Web. Then we’d finish the deal by doing what we do best: getting down in the mud with our sleeves rolled up to make sure we win, even if we have to get dirty doing it!”

What’s the weirdest, craziest team-building activity you’ve ever participated in?

“We had a blindfold on and were told to make the noise of a particular animal that we were given hats for, and we had to find all of the other animals with the same sound, then corral them until we were told to stop and then we were able to see that just by listening, we could get with the others with the same animal hat.”

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