When fear grips the workplace

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“There’s no finer bilge pump than a scared man and a bucket,” the old adage goes.

What does that mean for managers? It means that when employees are fearful their boats are sinking, they’ll bail the water fast. In other words, frightened people work harder.

So it’s up to you to create those dire conditions. You know, scare them. That’s how you make your workplace a hive of productivity.

Or is it?

For the short term, perhaps. But you need them for the long haul, and motivating them by spooking them will eventually lead to a roomful of downtrodden souls performing to your narcissistic specifications, careful not to raise your wrath, but feverishly hunting for another job.

Here are the signs and repercussions of such a hell hole:

You treat the workplace like a junior high classroom. You favor the top-down model; that is, you demand unquestioning compliance from those you control. You’re the all-knowing teacher, they’re the diso...(register to read more)

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