The Top 10 Interview Mistakes From Both Sides of the Desk

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Someday one of those HR software behemoths will crank out a program that lets you hire the absolute correct candidate through a simple eye scan or mouth swab. Until then, we have job interviews.

The interview room is an imperfect place and—despite the mountains of advice you’ll find online—it typically results in disastrous mistakes on both sides of the desk.

Interviewee mistakes

When employees mess up, it’s pretty obvious right away. Nearly half (49%) of employers say they know within the first five minutes of an interview whether the candidate is a good or bad fit, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. And 87% know within the first 15 minutes. That survey said employers find these mistakes to be the 10 most detrimental blunders (in order) to candidates' job prospects:  

  1. Appearing disinterested
  2. Dressing inappropriately
  3. Appearing arrogant
  4. Talking negatively about current or previous employers
  5. Answering a cell phone or te...(register to read more)

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Traci Winters June 9, 2014 at 10:59 am

In the section “Memorable Moments in Interviewing History”, in the article “The Top 10 Interview Mistakes From Both Sides of the Desk”, by Pat DiDomenico on June 6, 2014 11:19am, in HR Soapbox, there are a few spelling errors that would make one wonder the thoroughness of the article content if it didn’t even appear to be spellchecked! Notice the words “strange” and “hiring” in the below article excerpt…

“CareerBuilder asked employers to share the most outrageous mistakes they’ve seen candidates make during job interviews. Starnge but true, HR and hirining managers reported that job interviewees have …”


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