5 Thoughts on Persuasion

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I’m taking a different approach this week. When I start teleseminars (like the ones at RemarkableLearning.com), I often beginpersuasion sign with quotations from others to give greater perspective. I’ve decided to take that approach here on persuasion, following up my last post. I’ll share the quotation and then share the relevance to us as leaders.

Here we go.

“Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion.” – Aristotle

Aristotle is reminding us of the importance of leading by example. If you want to persuade your children to be readers, turn off the television and pick up a book. If you want to persuade your team to apply what they learn in training, ask them to hold you accountable for what you are applying from the training you attend. If anything, Aristotle stops short when he says character may almost be called the most effective means. When there is time for observation, I’m pretty sure it is the most effecti...(register to read more)

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