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Tame an egomaniac

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High-ego employees bask in adulation. If they don't get it from you, then they imagine it.

You can't win by trying to cut them down to size. Repeatedly telling them to stop blabbing about their infinite wisdom will only make them more insistent of their self-perceived greatness.

A smarter approach is to use tactical language that appeals to their inflated sense of self. Use phrases such as:

With your knowledge and experience, you surely understand that …

This is your area of expertise, so let me just add something …

Please indulge me for a moment because there's something I need to go over with you …

If egomaniacs drive you crazy, showing your exasperation may not work to your advantage. They may feed on your desperation and become even more insufferable.

It's also dangerous to make fun of them. You may think your gentle gibes will make them back down or feel self-conscious. But they may respond by reacting indignantly and scold you for what they deem as your disrespectful behavior.

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