5 employee types you wouldn’t fire, but boy, are they irritating!

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There is no shortage of pet peeves. We all have them. And as managers we have a list (or perhaps a staff full) of them.

Yes, these are irritating employee types. These are employees who have done nothing egregious enough to get fired. They just make your days seem just a bit longer, and your job just that much harder.

Got any of these in the office?

  1. The Timekeeper. She knows what time everyone arrives and when they start work in earnest. She knows when they leave at the end of the day, when they scoot out for lunch and return. She knows how many times Eddie steps out for a smoke (six; 10 when the weather’s nice) and how long they last (nine minutes). That’s nearly an hour’s worth of breaks on the foul-weather days; an hour and a half when the days are pleasant. You can be sure she shares the data with her co-workers, but when she lets you know about it, she’s crossed the “annoying” line.

  2. Mr. Motormouth. He spots you walkin...(register to read more)

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Annlou April 30, 2014 at 4:29 pm

The Complainer – complains about everything, hates change and wants action when things go wrong – immediately – whether it is within your area of expertise or influence or not. Won’t take no for an answer as you are supposed to have them all, regardless.

The Stalker – waits till you are having your lunch, you are on the phone or engaged in conversation with a colleague – needs something now – usually trivial, but will wait, evesdrop and ask the question anyway. Couldln’t possibly return in a few minutes – impatience is a virtue in their eyes.

The Swearer – uses foul language all the time as a cover up for their ignorance and insecurity, whether you like it or not – and this person is very senior – don’t dare complain, you life will be a constant misery if you do.


Lori April 28, 2014 at 10:45 am

We have a lady who’s daddy blackmailed the owner to get her a job. All she does is talk (loudly) all day long to another employee, watch TV, read magazines, talk and text on her cell phone. And, gets paid four times as much as the last person in that position. And, I forgot to mention, the last person was fired to make room for her. Who else could get away with that, and not be shown the door?


Sam W April 24, 2014 at 4:15 pm

This is all totally true. The one I hate is the guy who always has a fundraising thing going on, whether it’s for girl scout cookies or asking that everyone chip in for a gift for someone. It’s like an outside salesperson found his way into the office every day!


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