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An e-mail from the EEOC? Don’t be so sure; Agency warns of phony ‘Trojan horse’ virus

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in Discrimination and Harassment,HR Management,Human Resources

Corporate HR offices across the country began receiving e-mails last month that appeared to be from the EEOC but were actually bogus—and potentially dangerous. The e-mail—with a subject line of “Harassment Complaint Update”—included an attachment purported to be an update on a pending harassment complaint. In reality, it carried a “Trojan horse” virus that could damage the recipient’s computer or lead to a security breach.

The EEOC uses postal mail, not e-mail, to contact employers about harassment complaints lodged against them.

Protect yourself against such scams by installing anti-virus software and reminding employees never to open attachments that they’re not expecting or from senders they do not know.

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