Creating Customer Partnerships

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Last week, I asked you to walk in the shoes of your Customers for a minute — and closed by asking you four questions withred circle easy answers … but without helping you get to those answers. This week, I will close the loop by helping you lead in a way that creates closer, stronger relationships between your team and your Customers (whether they are internal or external).

What we are really talking about is moving from having Customers to creating partnerships. Here are four ways to move in that important (and profitable) direction.

Draw Your Circle Differently. The work required to create Customer Partnerships (or move in that direction) starts between your ears. You have to think about the Customer as something (far) more than a transaction. When you draw your circle to include them on the inside of your business, it starts to change how you think. And the actions and work required to make it happen can’t happen without this chang...(register to read more)

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