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Act fast on hostile workplace complaints–or prepare for costly, complicated lawsuit

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Employers that ignore the first or second complaint about a racially hostile workplace do so at their peril. The fact is, if you don’t do something to stop the harassment fast, it’s likely to get worse—much worse.

Once it does, you face the potential for a more costly lawsuit that could involve multiple employees, each providing reinforcement for the perception that the workplace was rife with hostility. Instead of a single lawsuit involving one employee, you may face a joint lawsuit involving many workers—and a jury ready to punish you and your supervisors who ignored or participated in harassment. That can quickly become expensive, and a public relations disaster.

Recent case: Five prison employees, all black, filed a joint lawsuit against several supervisors and the prison system, alleging they had been forced to work in a racially hostile environment, and were punished when they complained about it.

In their testimony, e...(register to read more)

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