Multitasking doesn’t destroy exempt status when managers must do hands-on work

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Salaried retail managers often have to step in and perform nonmanagement tasks. The fact that they do some of the same things that hourly employees do doesn’t mean they aren’t exempt under the Fair Labor Stand­­ards Act (FLSA)—as long as they are also managing at the same time.

In effect, multitasking is just another part of a manager’s job. That’s true even if the manager spends 50% or more of her time on nonexempt work, as long as for part of that time she’s also actively managing the store.

Recent case: Rochelle started working for Family Dollar Stores as a stocker, but was eventually promoted into management. She became the store manager, earning $700 per week. In addition, she was eligible for a management bonus depending on how her store performed.

On average, Rochelle worked more than 76 hours per week. She supervised 27 hourly employees who earned the minimum wage or slightly more. It was up to Rochelle to interview,...(register to read more)

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