Artifacts in your workplace: Toss them or tolerate them?

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rolodexAdvances in technology make your work easier, and your organization scrambles to stay current. You know the advantages: You can attract tech-savvy job candidates, retain top performers who rely on cutting-edge tools and you can get work done more efficiently.

But have you taken a look around your office to see some of the stuff you need to update or get rid of? … Or maybe you shouldn’t ditch some things just yet:

Rolodexes. This is how your father “friended” people. It’s a device where contact information is written and stored on rotating alpha-index cards. The upshot: Rolodex will function during a power outage. The downshot: During that outage, everyone left work anyway. Of course, today’s contacts are stored on phones and online calendars, so a Rolodex is not needed.

Your best bet: If someone still has one, there’s no harm. Rolodexes are still available for purchase along with refill cards if you need to update them. But ...(register to read more)

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