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Phone rules for all employees

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Since most communication that comes from the outside world into your office flies through email, a ringing telephone sounds odd.

Consequently, many of your workers are not accustomed to handling a business phone. The result: A lost or upset customer.

Here is a thumbnail guide for all workers who were not trained in customer service.

  1. Don’t answer the phone “Hello?”  At best, the caller thinks he’s reached a residential wrong number, not a business. At worst, his opinion of your operation plummets and he questions your ability to provide professional services. A simple, “This is Diane in accounting, how may I help you?” would work.
  2. Learn how to transfer a call. Odds are, the call was meant for someone else. It just inadvertently landed on your desk. Solution: A quick tutorial on how to transfer calls, including the phrase, “Hold on please, while I transfer you.”
  3. Use the hold button! Don’t shout out to a co-worker who’s three cubicles away, “Hey, Joe, whadderwe chargin’ now for those widgets?” Ask the caller, “May I put you on hold while I check?”
  4. Retrieve and take action on voicemails. Somewhere under that red light, a customer waits. You know, those people who make your paycheck possible. A good rule of thumb is that you should never leave a caller hanging for more than one business day.

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