Stop using these buzzwords

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Using buzzwords to sound smart can leave you looking ridiculous, says Mike Periu, Economic Education, who offers five to nix.

  • Pivot. Don’t confuse pivoting with changing your mind.
  • Results-oriented. Being results-oriented is a given, so don’t say it.
  • Ideation. Ideation is just a made-up word for brainstorming.
  • Growth hacker. A growth hack is a unconventional means for revenue generation. Normal growth techniques aren’t growth hacks—know the difference.
  • Synergy. This word describes an interaction between elements that bring about a greater result than if the elements were separate. Be careful about using this word in case the opposite ends up true.    

— Adapted from “9 Buzzwords That Can Make You Sound Dumb,” Mike Periu, American Express OPEN Forum.

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