Difficult employee broke your rules? No need to fear legitimate termination

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Do you have a difficult employee you just know is going to sue you if you fire him?

That’s no reason to treat him with kid gloves. Just make sure you have a rock-solid reason for the discharge.

You may still be sued, but the case likely won’t go far.

Recent case: Norm, who is of Japanese heritage, worked as a manager for an auto parts store. He always had good sales numbers, but his interpersonal interactions left something to be desired. Norm was frequently admonished to work on managing his subordinates better and to praise employees who did a good job.

Unfortunately, over the years, Norm was subject to some ill treatment, too.

At a Christmas party that happened to fall on Dec. 7, a manager told Norm that it was “Jap Day—Pearl Harbor Day” and yelled, “Tora, Tora, Tora.” Then, on every Dec. 7 afterward, Norm got a call announcing, “Tora Tora Tora, you d***.”

Over the years, Norm filed several complaints about various forms ...(register to read more)

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