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Don’t sell your private information with your phone

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in Office Technology

Don’t sell your private information with your phone without securing that personal information first, and don’t sell a computer without taking out the hard drive, Dave Johnson, CBS Money­Watch writes.

  • Keep the memory card. Your memory card is in a removable card slot, holding an SD or Micro SD card.
  • Remove SIM cards. This puts your phone number and identity on the server into your phone, and also has the ability to store call logs and contacts. You’ll need a pin-like tool to eject it from its slot.
  • Wipe the phone. Eliminate any trace of yourself. In iOS, choose Settings, General, Reset, and Erase All Con­­tents and Settings. In Android, go to Settings and look for Backup & Reset. In Windows phones, go to Settings, About and Reset Your Phone.

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