Starting the New Year Right Starts Now

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I’m writing this on December 19th, and I believe the only way to prepare for your most successful next year starts now.December calendar Don’t worry — the lessons I’m suggesting will apply at any time; my point is you can’t expect a few minutes spent before the ball drops in Times Square (or you leave the office for the year) to set the start for your best year ever.

I know this is a leadership blog, and the points below may seem to apply to us personally, and they do. However, as a leader they apply to us doubly. We need to do them for ourselves and our development and achievement, and we need to do them to set an example and to coach others to do the same.

In other words, doing steps like those below are part of our job.

So, if you want to get the New Year (or the next twelve months, based on when you read this) started off most effectively, take action on these five things.

Get clear on your why. None of it matters, and you will never make...(register to read more)

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