How to be happier on the job

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With so much time spent in the office and among co-workers, work has become a home away from home. To make all that time spent at work more pleasant, take these tips for on-the-job happiness from career-advice writer Alison Green.

  • Avoid assumptions. Just because your boss emails you during your lunch break doesn’t mean you’re expected to work right then. Instead of assuming others’ expectations of you, ask directly.
  • Recognize honest mistakes. If a co-worker isn’t responding to your messages, it could be that he didn’t receive them. Avoid reactionary thinking and trust that it was a mistake and not an intentional slight.
  • Mind your own business. If a co-worker is caught up in a drama, it’s never your job to take her side. Let others fight their own battles and don’t feel pressured to go along with someone else’s perspective.    

— Adapted from “6 Ways to Be Happier at Work,” Alison Green, U.S. News & World Report.

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