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Dialogue … and Romance?

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Last week, I wrote about a dialogue disaster, and this week I want to talk more about dialogue because it is such an important way to communicate with others.

On a teleseminar a few months back, I shared my personal definition of dialogue: “Dialogue is a meeting of minds, in the spirit of relationship and the creation of synergy — through the open exchange of ideas in the context of relationship.”

Hmmmm …

With that definition it seems there might be some connections between romance and dialogue — so let me take these twocandles, wine glasses and roses ideas, mash them together and talk about the connections I see.


Romance is emotional in nature, and the behaviors that connect to that wonderful emotional response include:

Focus-shifting. When you’re feeling and acting romantic, your actions are all about the other person, aren’t they?

Intense listening. Do you remember being across the table with someone on a date when you were really interested in...(register to read more)

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