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Let me start by saying this isn’t a political treatise. This is a blog about leadership, so I want to use recent events to help us see some truths about leadership, not take a political side or further an agenda. If that disappoints you, I’m sorry — but if you want to think about the lessons we can all take from this very public situation, read on …

I see three specific and immediate things for us to learn as leaders from the launch and failures of the healthcare.gov website, and the first is hinted at in my opening paragraph.

Judgment vs. Observation

Most of the media commentary about the problems with the launch of the site have been judgments. There is a big difference between observation and judgment. (I’ve written about it before, including here), and that difference matters. Here is a snippet of that article:

When giving feedback, are your statements largely observational or judgmental? If you try to pass judgment off...(register to read more)

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