Words of HR Wisdom: 33 Great Hiring Tips From Your Peers

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As part of last week's celebration of HR Professionals Week (Oct. 7-11), our sister website, The HR Specialist, asked readers to share hiring tips from their own experiences. Here are some of the best. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comment section below.


1. Do not be desperate. “If you hire the only candidate because there is no other choice, it may be best to just wait. We hired the only ‘qualified’ applicant only to fire them a year later for making too many mistakes.”

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2. Nice or qualified? “The nicest of people do not always work out for your organization.”

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3. No clones. “Hire people that are NOT like you. Diversity is needed in every field.”

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4. Silence is golden. “For rookie interviewers, don't ever let silence feel awkward—a candidate taking a few minutes to put together an answer is not a bad thing.”

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5. Be resourceful with references. “The bank HR fo...(register to read more)

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M.J., Nevada October 22, 2013 at 3:16 pm

When you narrow down your candidates to a handful for a job, make sure to evaluate the candidates against the work itself, not against each other. It’s possible that none of them are the right fit for the job.


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