Customers or Employees — Who Comes First?

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Perhaps the oldest conundrum of all is — which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Perhaps the oldest in the minds of savvy leaders is what is more important, my Customers or my Employees?

Stew LeonardMany wonderful books have been written about putting the Customer first, and in 1983, Tom Peters and Bob Waterman (in In Search of Excellence) made Stew Leonard Jr., the president and CEO of supermarket chain Stew Leonard's, world famous for the two rules you read in the image in this article. The idea is that we are in business to serve our Customers and so they should be our primary focus.

It is hard to argue with that premise.

Many other equally compelling books have been written extolling the virtues of putting your Employees first. One well-written description of this contradictory premise comes from the statement of beliefs of The Container Store, a Fortune 100 Best Places to Work organization. “Businesses are comprised of an interde...(register to read more)

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