Your best bet for beating false allegations: Good records, consistently fair practices

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You can never predict which employee will sue and over what alleged wrong. That’s why the best approach is to focus on treating every employee fairly and consistently, applying your rules even-handedly.

That’s your best guarantee that a frivolous or false discrimination claim will be quickly dismissed be­­fore it ever goes to a jury. It’s not hard to do—if you document all discipline, investigate every complaint and generally stay on top of HR issues as they happen.

Recent case: David, who is white, was promoted to chief of the Greens­­boro Police Department. The two previous chiefs are black.

At the time, David was told to deal with pressing issues like discipline standards, department culture and integrity. David activated the Spe­­cial Intelligence Division (SID) to conduct internal investigations of officers believed to be engaged in misconduct.

When a black officer’s name and telephone number were allegedly found in a d...(register to read more)

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