When FMLA leave expires, no need to offer more time off to balance work/life issues

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Once an employee has used up her FMLA leave, she isn’t e­­­­n­­titled to more time off to balance work and life obligations unless she has other types of leave available. The FMLA provides up to 12 weeks off, but that’s all.

Despite the FMLA’s protections, supervisors are free to insist on consistent attendance. They can require employees to meet job goals as long as they don’t interfere with their FMLA rights and don’t treat them differently than employees who haven’t exercised their FMLA rights.

Simply put, reg­­ular attendance is a reasonable work expectation.

The FMLA was intended to give employees flexibility to deal with extenuating circumstances such as a lengthy illness, but it doesn’t throw attendance expectations out the ­window.

Recent case: Pamela worked in medical sales. When her daughter developed medical problems, she began missing work.

Her supervisor discussed her declining performance and the two agreed Pam...(register to read more)

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