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An Achiever’s Secret Applied to Leadership

by on
in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Achievers who are at the highest level have several things in common. Today I want to talk about one of those traits — one that when practiced as a leader has a multiplier effect.

Let me start with some examples.

Stephen King has written 49 books — all of them bestsellers. Here is part of his secret to success: He writes 10 pages every day. Holidays, birthdays, Super Bowl Sunday — 10 pages. Every day.

Jack Nicklaus, arguably the best golfer ever, never stroked the ball until he had seen the perfect shot in his head. Then and only then would he pull the club back and swing. When you think about how many shots he took, that is quite amazing. As my Dad used to say, “Never is a long time.”

Dan Kennedy, one the highest paid advertising copywriters ever and a marketing mentor of mine, doesn’t go to sleep each night without completing one task that connects him with a customer, forwards him closer to a new contract, or in some othe...(register to read more)

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