How John Wayne Stunted Leadership Development

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John Wayne was one of the biggest film stars ever. And his legacy has been hindering leaders for a long time.John Wayne

Unwittingly, in many of his movies, John Wayne “proves” that you can succeed alone. All you need is the biggest will, the most stamina and the fastest gun. John Wayne taught (well, perhaps reinforced) the myth of the single hero.

But the Duke’s world was a world of scripts and make-believe. You lead in the real world. The fact is that the only way for you to succeed as a leader is to bust that myth. You can’t do it alone, not if you want to succeed at the highest levels. You must engage your team. You must let them in. You must challenge them. You must allow them to try (and fail).

You can’t do it all yourself; you don’t have enough time in your day. You can’t do it all yourself; you don’t have every strength and all the experience required. You can’t do it all yourself; you aren’t John Wayne. In other words, you can’t ...(register to read more)

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