Steps to keep your smartphone safe

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Smartphones contain a lot of in­­for­­ma­­tion that people would like to keep safe, yet many don’t take even basic steps to secure their devices. Consumer Reports recently published several security steps to take:

√ Use a strong passcode. A four-digit code is better than nothing, but a longer code that includes letters, numbers and symbols is better.

√ Beware of malicious apps. Some malicious applications look like popular, brand-name apps but aren’t.

√ Watch out for Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi may not be secure, so be careful before you use it to complete business transactions.

√ Turn off location tracking. You don’t need it on unless it’s necessary to the application you’re using, such as a maps app.

√ Clear out old phones. Before you recycle your old phone, clear its memory and remove any memory cards.             

— Adapted from “Consumer Reports: Smartphone Security Tips,” Consumers Union, Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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