Creating a Workspace That Promotes Your Productivity

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Everyone reading these words has a place where they work. And most of you have a place where you work best.workspace The goal of this article is to help you make sure those places are one and the same.

If you work in a cubicle or office provided by your employer, you might think you can dismiss this article and move on to something else.  


Let’s go back to the start — I want you to find ways to make the place you work a place you can do great work.

All of the questions and advice below applies to you regardless of your working situation. It applies to you as a leader of others who you want to support in doing great work or as an individual doing your work as a team member and individual contributor.

Our Starting Point

Our environment impacts our results. When the environment is right, we are more productive, less stressed, healthier and happier. We are also less likely to leave for another job, more likely to be more pleasant ...(register to read more)

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