Top 5 ways to smoke out lies on résumés

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If your job involves hiring, you know how frustrating it can be staring at all those résumés. Which claims are real, which are exaggerations and which are just flat-out lies? When hiring, you need to think about each résumé as a used car ad. The candidates try to sell you something, so you need to adopt a “buyer beware” attitude before falling for that sales pitch. The recession caused a big increase in the number of applicants who are adding a little “creative writing” to their résumés, and the Internet is full of ways for applicants to add to that creativity. Business Management Daily's Editorial Director Pat DiDomenico describes five things you can do to smoke out those résumé lies.

#1: Require everyone to fill out an application, even if you already have their résumé. This allows you to look for inconsistencies between the résumé and the handwritten application. Also, look on the résumé for some inconsistencies. Résumé-w...(register to read more)

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