The Decisions to Start With

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decision signAs leaders, we all have a lot of decisions to make, and since there are many, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of and feel confident about all of them. Would you like a framework, a process, a way to improve your decision-making effectiveness and your confidence in those decisions long after they are made? 

Og Mandino, one of my favorite authors, penned this line, one of my favorites, and the underlying idea for this article: “Use wisely your power of choice.” 

Here is the concept behind the framework I am promising: if we are going to make better decisions, it is important to make some basic decisions first, as those become the foundation and guidance for all of the other decisions that follow. Using this suggested framework will make future decisions come easier and with more confidence. 

This framework does something else too — something perhaps even more important. Your answers to these foundational questions...(register to read more)

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